At the center of all WHPCA work is equity and environmental justice. Communities of color are hit hardest by the health and economic impacts of climate change and are most in need of advocacy and support. We strive to make each of our working groups and each of our projects advance anti-racist ideals. By keeping Black, Indigenous, and People of Color at the forefront of climate action and transition plans we can help improve health disparities and create new economic opportunities for these vulnerable populations. 

Why Commit to Climate Justice?

American Indians are 3.7x more likely to be hospitalized from COVID-19 and 2.4x more likely to die

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Black children are 2x more likely to have asthma and 10x more likely to die of complications

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

African Americans and other minorities breathe in air with 38% more noxious nitrogen dioxide than Whites

National patterns in environmental injustice and inequality: Outdoor NO2 air pollution in the United States

Black people are 75% more likely to live in communities that are next to an oil or gas facility

Who's In Danger: Race, Poverty, and Chemical Disasters 

11.2% of African American children and 4% of Mexican-American children are poisoned by lead, compared with 2.3% of white children.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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